Dienstag, 31. Mai 2011


Seriously! What happened to the good old reliable Sennheiser headphones?! My creative Headphones that came with the original packaging just broke today. And before becoming aggressive due to the lack of music, I just went to the department store and bought headphones. Sennheiser had a huge range to pick out of, but I chose the cheapest of course. And no surprise, regretting my choice now! i was excited and unpacked them quickly and jacked them into my 3,5mm mp3 headphone jack and turned on my mp3 player enthusiastically. But to my disappointment the sound was awful! There was no bass at all! I was so frustrated. I can't believe how much Sennheiser has cut back in quality.
Does anyone know a good and reasonable priced brand? 'Cause I definitely don't anymore!

BTW. a great blog to follow is http://blogsrrlygreat.blogspot.com
Really lots of good tips and tricks and information. You won't want to keep it unread people!


  1. checking out that other blog now. :)

  2. That is the problem with so many head sets these days.. they are cheep and disposable...

  3. i go through headphones really fast too